What is a wedding Teaser Trailer

What is a wedding teaser trailer?

The Red Door Studios Teaser trailers are around one to two minutes in length. They are super short stories, that are polished creations from the wedding.

Our teaser trailers are there to get you excited for your main highlight video. I do not believe in revealing too much about your day. I like to keep all of the good stuff for your next film.

These teaser trailers may have one small aspect of your day. A piece of the ceremony, or something someone has said something that will tell a story. They may be just shots at the location. But my goal is to engage you, taking you, the viewer, back through the wedding day.

“”I will leave you wanting more..””

What’s in the teaser trailer

I may focus on any one specific part of the day for my teaser trailers. Preparation, ceremony, photoshoot, or dancing may be excellent audio. But there must still be an underlining story for every teaser trailer we create. We do not mix different clips and hope for the best; it is all about building for the main film. Handpicked music will accompany the trailer.

The Location of the wedding

The location of your wedding may also be a factor of what sort of style you are looking for in a wedding film have a look at our wedding venues page where we have different weddings in different areas each have their own unique style

Mount Tamborine, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Montville, Maleny, Toowoomba

Other tyes of wedding videos

Documentary wedding film Highlight video