What is a wedding highlight video

Every wedding is different, the wedding highlight video will capture the best and most memorable moments of your day capturing the light, love, passion and tears of the most incredible day of your life. The wedding highlight film is crafted with love. Filming every possible small detail with the upmost consideration. Blended all together with our unique storytelling style. Not only are we there to capture those small details but we also want to capture the larger picture something a photo can never do. An epic drone shot or just a quiet moment that you shared between yourselves.

“”All of these things combined going to create one of our videos””

Where do we start?

Before the day even arrives, we would have discussed all the the finer details about your day. We will then have all the necessary information to create amazing wedding highlight video. We will be there to capture all of the beautiful audio. The Ceremony, a crying groom, or amazing speeches.  The wedding highlight video is told through the pure raw audio from your wedding day.  How we go about capturing audio is a choice you will make. We will guide you in the right direction, so you make the right choice for the audio that will accompany your video.

“”Handwritten love letter can be enormously powerful””

We go to work?

You have spent months or years putting all the hard work into perfecting an amazing day for you and your guests. Red Door Studios want to ensure we capture everything with our signature touch. Once your day is over, we get to work. we start handpicking the best moments and finding the best way to tell your story. The length of the films can vary anywhere from 4 to 8 minutes depending on the day and the package you chose

Our wedding videos have handpicked audio tracks to match those special moments so they reflect the emotion of the day. I believe the music is there to accompany the vision rather than take over. it should be emotive and be a perfect match for what you see on the screen.

Each couple received their wedding highlight video via your own personal download page. Here you can share your video with friends and family.