a wedding in the city Gardens

A wedding in the city Botanical Gardens

A wedding at the City Botanical Gardens

The City Botanic Gardens (formerly the Brisbane Botanic Gardens)Brisbane city Botanical Gardens is a heritage-listed botanic garden on Alice Street, Brisbane City, It was also known as Queen’s Park.


Surrounded by the towering cityscape of the Brisbane skyline. Katie and Tim where married, under the canopy of an ancient fig tree! Sounds dramatic, when really two best mate tied the knot and got married , that’s better!

Botanical Gardens wedding – Where is TOEby?

Sorry in house wedding joke…. Bride walking through the gardens

This is about as close to home as it gets for me. A short hop across the Storey Bridge, over to Arise Apartments in West End for prep. Then back to the Botanical Gardens for the ceremony. My highlight of the day… After the ceremony we played a cheeky game of chinese whispers with the bridal party. Strangely, somehow we ended up with “”an orgy in the zoo””…no idea how that happened!

The Garden Photoshoot

Then myself Luke (Photographer… boom box in tow) Katie and Tim did a lovely afternoon photoshoot around the Botanical gardens. Where “Tim the Legend “arose. Getting some wicked photos, video, some importune dancing and a smattering of affection. A stunning time of year to  be out in the Botanical gardens. Katie and Tim Smashed the photoshoot, making our job very easy

The reception was being held at the loft in West End. Frist time there for a wedding great little venue for a party! more to come….

The Wedding Teaser Trailer

I have so much great footage from the photoshoot I could have created 3 teaser trailers. But I’m saving Most of it for the highlight film….


An amazingly chilled out relaxing wedding in the heart of Brisbane city. Spending the day with two beautiful humans is always an honour and filming life’s most memorable moments!


 I apologies to Katie and Tim if there were expected to see lots of footage in the teaser. Sorry, but I am a lover of leaving you wanting more… ENJOY!


Wedding videographer

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