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Wedding films – my wedding film style

My Wedding film style: What goes into making our wedding films?


To create my wedding film style, I’ve spent many hours editing and filming weddings to create something unique. That people can look back on and relive memories with family and loved ones.


Every film needs a story, and that story belongs to you!

Each of my films has a purpose they show everyone why you are getting married and the love you have for one another so even before the wedding day arrives, I will be getting to know you.

Without all the background information, it’s hard to tell a Storey it’s that simple we’re going to be meeting I’m going to be sending you questionnaires I’m going to be getting all the information I can so I can effectively tell your story, not just about the wedding but the lead-up and why we are here.

My wedding film style is all about storytelling. Imagery plays a large part in these; however, audio is king! Without dialogue, I cannot thoroughly tell the tale of a wedding. I can capture audio in many ways. They have to prepare for the interview with questions from a pre-prepared set of questions for consideration. Other audio often included in the video are readings from the ceremony, the actual ceremony itself, voice-overs and speeches.


My wedding film style – Music

I will tell the story of the wedding in the highlight film. The music to accompany will make you feel, feel the emotions, happiness, and tears. Music is there to accompany the film. He’s not there to take over, and the music reflects the day; sometimes, it can be soft and romantic, sometimes it can be fun. It all depends on the day. It’s all so about the audio what couples say, their vows, speeches are all important in telling the story


Teaser trailer

What is wedding teaser trailers? a teaser! I don’t give away too much in the trailer as it builds excitement for the main highlight film yet to come. The wedding teaser trailer can be anywhere from one to two minutes long. These usually contain no dialogue, though occasionally, I will include some of this adds value to the story I am building. What footage I use depends on the day itself. However, I will have a direction in mind before your big day that I plan to incorporate in your teaser.


Highlight film

What is a wedding Highlight Video? The wedding highlight film is where I get the opportunity to show your day’s beauty most artistically. It begins with the choice of music that best expresses the nuances of your day. Weddings are usually a slow burn during the prep, building in anticipation during the ceremony and overflowing in joy and excitement once you are pronounced a couple in life and love and the accompanying celebrations.

Music in the perfect conduit reflects the day’s emotion, and I pride myself on always endeavouring to match the theme to remember the day’s excitement correctly.

The Feature film

What is a Documentary wedding video? The documentary edit will show the entire day from start to finish? This version of the film is a “fly on the wall” approach. It captures as many memories as possible from the day. It will include as much audio from the day as possible so that you can relive all of your special moments. As mentioned previously, while I do not use commercial music in the teaser trailer or highlight film due to licensing purposes, this will appear in this version due to this version not being shared online due to the sheer size of the file.

This film is shown in chronological order with clips artfully fading into each other, from the couple preparing for the day, the full ceremony, the photoshoot, the couple’s entrance into the reception, the speeches and cake cutting, your first dance as a married couple and the resultant celebrations. This film’s length is around one and a half hours. However, this does vary depending on the ceremony and the speeches’ size.

I've been shooting weddings for the past 7 years both photography and cinematographer. I am away striving to improve and learn.

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