What goes into making our wedding films?


Teaser trailer

Teaser trailers are that – a teaser! I don’t give away too much in the trailer as it builds excitement for the main highlight film yet to come. The wedding teaser trailer can be anywhere from one to two minutes long. These usually contain no dialogue, though occasionally I will include some if this adds value to the story I am building. What footage I use really depends on the day itself, however I will away have a direction in mind prior to your big day that I plan to incorporate in your teaser.

Delivery of this film is 1-3 days after the wedding


Wedding highlight film and music

The wedding highlight film is where I really get the opportunity to show the beauty of your day in the most artistic way. This begins with the choice of music that best expresses the nuances of your day. Weddings are usually a slow burn during the prep, build in anticipation during the ceremony and overflow in joy and excitement once you are pronounced a couple in life and love and the accompanying celebrations.  Music in the perfect conduit to reflect the emotion of the day and I pride myself on always endeavouring to perfectly match music to reflect the excitement of the day.

There are 4 sites I utilise when choosing music:

  • Art List;
  • Song Freedom;
  • Sound Strip; and
  • Music Bed.

I rarely use commercial/popular music due to copyright legalities. Once a video is posted to social media, it can be removed if the proper license for the song is not attached. Song freedom is the only site where commercial music can be licensed for use.


Wedding videography is all about storytelling. Imagery obviously plays a large part in these; however, audio is king! Without dialogue, the tale of a wedding day cannot be thoroughly told. Audio can be captured in many ways. It can be in the form of an interview with the couple. This can be conducted separately or together, dependent on your preference. To prepare for this interview, couples are emailed a list of pre-prepared questions for consideration. Other audio often included in the video are readings from the ceremony, the actual ceremony itself, voice overs and speeches.

The highlight film will not always be in chronological order. Sometimes I will start the film from the reception or the ceremony. It all depends on the day. No two weddings are the same and I pride myself on my awareness of this and in making every film unique.

Delivery of the highlight film is 1-3 weeks after the wedding


The Ceremony

During the ceremony, I use a minimum of three cameras to ensure the greatest coverage possible. The two main cameras are the ones focused on the happy couple themselves. These are placed as discretely as possible to the side of where the ceremony takes place and record this in its entirety. The third camera is a wide-angle lens which will cover your guests and capture their priceless reactions. The location of the   third camera varies dependent on the location of the wedding and available space. If his camera can’t be used in a static location, I improvise and roam with this camera instead. The ceremony covers from when the wedding party walk down the aisle, the signing of the register, the first kiss as a wedded couple, and will conclude with the happy couple walking out.

Ceremony audio

Call me paranoid, but I always like to employ at least two ways of recording audio as a contingency in the event that something happens and there is a “technical issue” with the primary recording source. If I’m being honest, I prefer three options to be trebly certain! The first chosen audio option I employ is of course recording directly from the Celebrants PA system. The second is to place a lapel microphone on one of the wedding party and the celebrant, which of course is a necessity if there is no PA system available during the ceremony. The third, and I must admit, my least favourite choice, is attaching an audio recorder directly to the microphone – not ideal, but it sometimes is the only option in a pinch.

The speeches

I utilise three cameras to capture the speeches. One camera will be trained on the couple, one will be focused on the speaker, and I will then roam the room with a third capturing guest reaction. The ultimate audio method to record the speeches is through is using the band or DJ’s microphone and directly recording off their sound board. Quite often, the venue will request you use their internal PA system. I always try to encourage couples to avoid this request, as the majority of the time, the venue will not grant access to enable me to record directly from the sound board. Unfortunately, in such instances, my only available option is to attach an audio recorder to the actual microphone, which will then be seen in the video.

Ceremony and speech delivery 3-6 weeks after the wedding


The Documentary Edit

The documentary edit will show the entire day from start to finish.  This version of the film is a “fly on the wall” approach and captures as many memories as possible from the day. This includes as much audio from the day as possible, so you can really re-live all of your special moments. As mentioned previously, while I don’t use commercial music in the teaser trailer or highlight film due to licensing purposes, this will appear in this version due to this version not being shared online due to the sheer size of the file. This film is shown in chronological order with clips artfully fading into each other, from the couple preparing for the day, the full ceremony, the photo shoot, the couples entrance into the reception, the speeches and cake cutting, your first dance as a married couple and   the resultant celebrations. The length of this film is around one and a half hours; however, this does vary depending on the length of the ceremony and speeches.

Documentary edit/feature film is 10-16 weeks but depends on my workload