Broadway Chapel Woolloongabba

Broadway Chapel Woolloongabba

Helen and JP Wedding 25th Jan 2021

Ceremony – Broadway Chapel

Reception – Blackbirds Brisbane

January weddings are always pretty warm here in Brisbane, so it was no different for Helen and JP’s wedding.

Many beautiful locations to cover; we started off in the city with Helen at the newly refurbished Adina hotel. The hotel has a very art deco vibe to it, incredible. I would have loved to spend more time here, especially in the hallways and the hotel’s foyer.


Broadway Chapel, Woolloongabba

Of course, I have to head off early to the ceremony once preparation is finished for me being a videographer. Sometimes, I do not get to play as much with excellent locations as the photographer does. The ceremony was being held at Broadway Chapel at Woolloongabba, a beautiful little nondenominational church. It’s a lovely little place with a great balcony at the top, so you get some tremendous top-down views. It also has a small room at the back of the church, which is an excellent place if you’re in a pinch to get some groom prep shots before the ceremony starts.


Roma Street Parkland

Once we finished our Broadway Chapel, we headed off into the city to Roma street Parklands for a little photo shoot. We did not have a lot of time, about an hour, to get back to Blackbirds’ reception. Typically, Roma street is packed with people on the weekend, but today was a Tuesday, so it worked out nicely for us.



I absolutely love blackbirds. It is a fantastic location with the Storey Bridge’s backdrop and the Riverside walkway, an excellent place for night photos, just an overall lovely area. The staff are always amicable and always extremely helpful. And the food is still excellent too.



My only issue with blackbirds or any location down by the Riverside is parking. Especially for us videographers with a lot of gear, there is no easy way to get up to that level from the car park. You need to be fit and ready to carry gear a few times to get it up the stairs.

Overall, it was a fantastic night. I got some incredible footage and looked forward to putting it all together to create their films, but of course, here is the teaser.




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