Dana & Guy – Newstead house, Brisbane

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Dana & Guy –  Newstead house, Brisbane

Filmed on the 3rd August 2019

Dana and Guy took some time to write this after they had seen their highlight film…

“There aren’t enough words to describe just how phenomenal and impressive Phil’s videography work is. For all that have viewed the footage from our wedding, tears have been shed reliving the happiness and emotion on the day that he so successfully captured. In addition to Phil’s videography work, the lead up to the day, as well as his company, support and presence at the wedding are added happy memories for us. When you look back on such an event, you want only happy thoughts, and Phil did everything right every step of the way to trigger a smile when we think of our wedding. Dealing with Phil was like dealing with a supportive, caring friend who knew exactly what to do. Our sincerest thanks to him for everything.”



Newstead House

Filmed by

Phil Cooper & Bruno Preto

Filmed on

3rd August 2019


Phil Cooper


October 18, 2019

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