Toowoomba wedding venues

Toowoomba wedding venues
South East Queensland is so big and sprawling that it’s easy to forget about Toowoomba tucked way out west on top of the ranges.
But I’ve been to several wedding venues up there that have impressed me. In fact – spoiler alert! – one of these Toowoomba wedding venues is my very favourite venue.

Toowoomba wedding venues

“”So if you haven’t checked out what’s available in Toowoomba, here are some places to start.””

Preston Peak Winery

Preston Peak Winery


Address: 430 Preston Boundary Rd, Preston QLD 4352

Phone: (07) 4630 9499

What I think of Preston Peak

Preston Peak Winery

When you’re driving up the ranges to Toowoomba, it’s easy to forget to turn around and check out the astounding view. So in case you miss it, Preston Peak Winery has one of the
best views in Toowoomba! Tucked into the hills, this sweet little venue is perfect for intimate weddings. And the team\  encourages you to make the day your own rather than force you into a particular style, which is nice.

They have a private bridal cottage where you can get ready and the amazing Wedding Tree Pavilion where you’ll be married. There is a relaxed feel to this venue. At night, you’ll have your first dance inside a bar that actually has a tree in it and walk down a stunning avenue of trees. This team builds your dream and leaves you to enjoy the day. What more could you want?

Gabbinbar Homstead

Gabbinbar Homestead


Address: 344 Ramsay St, Middle Ridge QLD 4350

Phone: (07) 4602 9027

What I think of Gabbinbar Homestead

Gabbinbar Homestead

OK, here it is – my absolute favourite venue to go to !;ve been here many times, and I still find ways to do creative videos because the
possibilities are endless. There is so much history to this 148 year-old homestead. It used to be the governor’s residence, and you can still feel the opulence and grandeur of the place. The wedding team encourages the bridge and groom to consider this their home for the day. The grounds are just as amazing as the homestead with wise old trees in the manicured lawns, large fountains and sweeping driveways.

It’s always hard to leave it at the end of the day! I highly recommend setting a date to go see it for yourself.

Branell Homestead

Branell Homestead


Address: 12 Paroz Rd, Laidley QLD 4341

Phone: (07) 5465 1788

What I think of Branell Homestead

Branell Homestead

Not to be outdone, Branell Homestead is another country wedding venue with splendorous views and a relaxed feel.

Branell is located in Laidley, halfway between Ipswich and Toowoomba in the expansive Lockyer Valley. When I was last there, in January 2020, the property looking absolutely stunning.

Interestingly, you have to bring your own caterers, but everything is onsite. They have 80 acres to play with and onsite cabins where you can sit on the deck with your new spouse and watch the sun set

Want to know more?

The best thing going for the Toowoomba region is the expansive view, whether it’s from the top of the ranges or across the plains. And the best venues in the area take full advantage of it.

It’s worth doing more research to find out what other gems the region is hiding.

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