The wedding ceremony

Possibly the most essential part of any wedding day, the ceremony. I have filmed hundreds of weddings. With years of experience, I have a system that ensures all angles are covered, and there are backups of every single camera in case something does go wrong, and I want to make sure I do not miss a single thing…

We cannot redo this part of the day… we only get one shot

Some videographers will use 1, 2 sometimes 3 cameras. I do not think that is enough to capture everything during the ceremony. For this reason, I use 5 cameras. 3 are static (on tripods), and 2 that I carry myself. It means 3 cameras cover every angle on the couple and 2 that I hold to capture everybody else’s reactions. And the 2 cameras that I carry will be used in the final edit to “fill in the gaps” of the main three cameras

Action/Reaction carries far more weight and far more impact when other people are affected by what is happening in front of their eyes. The couple will be so involved in their part of the ceremony very rarely will they take in what is happening within the crowd.

The wedding ceremony

Capturing the fun, the emotion will linger on for years when you watch back the ceremony.


Audio, in my eyes, can make or break a ceremony. We could have amazing visuals, but the audio wood sound terrible. Therefore, I always prep for a ceremony before the day when meeting the couple. I want to make sure that there is a backup of all the important people within the ceremony. The celebrant/priest, the couple, any speakers, and music.

It usually means one main recording out of a speaker and using lavalier microphones on all the people within the ceremony.

All these things combined will ensure that the ceremony will have a Feel and look that will create some great memories.

Tim & Tash

This was filmed on the: 12th January 2021
Location: The Secret Gardens Mount Tamborine

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Louise & Keaghan

This was filmed on the: 11th December 2020
Location: The Warehouse Fortitude Valley

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Jemma & Grant

This was filmed on the: 12th December 2020
Location: The Courthouse Cleveland

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