Sarah & Daniel’s Wedding – Montville Country Cabins

Wedding venue for bride prep, groom prep, ceremony and reception – Montville country cabins


  • See What We Can See – Frances England
  • Flowers In Your Hair – The Lumineer

Their wedding day

And I quote “Daniel and Sarah met on a cheap online dating site” enough said about this couple, just down to earth nice people that all I need to say.

This was my kind of wedding, with no worry of having to get anywhere. Montville Country Cabin run by Christine and Anton is just a picture-perfect place. Even if its only stay in one of the cabins, but to have a wedding next to the beautiful lake where everything was so lush and green.

We had lots of an idea’s when we met Sarah and Dan a few months ago to discuss the plans.  The ceremony to be held by the lake at dusk. I’ve never done a dusk wedding, so I was so looking forward to filming this day. Sarah & Dan had planned first look before the guests arrived for the ceremony.

A small shower in the morning made things a little humid. But did not dampen the atmosphere by 11 all were gone, and the festiveness continued. Two small tents by the lake looked superb, Sarah obviously put a lot of effect into the venue being a graphic designer, she created a bespoke font for the wedding. created everything herself so she did an amazing job. It was fun, quirky with a little bit of flare.

Dan our groom who was a little shy in front the camera who tried to bribe us to leave so it didn’t have to be filmed. I believe it was twice our rate to push off! Dan was of course a bit of a comic, so he was not getting rid of us that easy. Soon he was kissing and doing stuff on command, good boy! Sarah and her ladies were very relaxed they enjoy some laughs while getting ready. The first look was perfect and spending the afternoon with the bridal party was heaps of fun, no stress just wondering around taking photos and have a laugh.

The ceremony was funny and sincere. I loved the different perspectives on their relationship and to end it, a walk up the isle with sparklers, which just turned out to be amazing. Then a bit of dancing speeches, food, drinks served by the vintage boxwood bar who are awesome. To finish the night, a little night shoot with Sarah, Dan and some smoke bombs.


While editing?

While editing this film, I went searching the some audio for some clips and came across some interesting footage. The groomsmen decided to get my audio recorder and do a “wedding pod cast” hilarious, I had some fun listen to that for 20 minutes it’s just a shame its R-rated otherwise it may have made the highlight film!


A truly magical day, it was just so much fun, so happy I was there to film it.


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