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Reviews and Testimonials from past couples

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Janine & John – September 2021 Package E The Feature film

What was your experience with Phil in the lead up to the wedding day?

Amazing. Quick response to any questions we had. He also was great with his suggestions & the organisation of the day. to any questions we had. He also was great with his suggestions & the organisation of the day.

Do you feel everything was under control on the day?

1000000% A wedding is stressful enough, but having a videographer like Phil made everyone calm and relaxed!

Does Phil fit in with your wedding party and guests?

Definitely! We had a lot of our guests complimenting how professional he was & his easy going vibe that he brought to the day!

How was the overall experience on the day with Phil?


Would highly suggest him to any friends and family who would need a videographer in the future

Is there anything Phil could do to improve?

Nothing. Perfect! 🙂

Ellie & Carter – August 2021 Package D All day hours Video coverage

Everyone needs to hire Phil!

For our wedding we did extensive research on what was out there in terms of videographer. I found Phil’s video packages gave us way more memories of our special day. It was really important to have our creative team be full of people who were fun and approachable. We very much found that with Phil. He was so good at working perfectly with our timeline and always creating a comfortable environment. We trusted him completely to film whatever it was he needed. He captured our day in ways we didn’t even know possible. It’s so clear how much passion, time and effort he puts into making your videos reflect who you are as a couple.”

Angelina & Jordan – August 2021 Package C 8 hours Video coverage

Phil filmed our wedding day, we highly recommend his videography skills. We were so impressed with how he took control in every shot to ensure he’s getting the best content. But he was also more than happy to let us have our own requests and freedom. Phil is also a very easy person to chat with, this made us feel very comfortable throughout the process.

Amy & Jacob – July 2021 Package D Full day Video coverage

In the lead up to the wedding day Phil was nothing short of perfect. 3 attempts at simply getting married through these tough times and working with Phil just made it all so much simpler. During the shoot on the day there was great communication for poses and backdrops. Phil was fantastic at finding a shot anywhere at anytime. Phil was great at working his way through the crowd and to have a great laugh. Honestly I would not have chosen anyone else to be our videographer for our wedding day. He is an amazing person and extremely talented at his work. He was so down to earth and we made a friendship to achieve the best work (besides Phil’s skills haha) I’m definitely one happy bride from my experience with Phil and I definitely recommend him to everyone.

Justina & Phil – July 2021 Package D Full day Video coverage

I was so hesitant to engage a videographer to capture the day at first but I couldn’t be happier that we got Phil to be a part of our wedding. He put everyone at ease, even the nervous nellies, and really helped to keep the entire day run smoothly. He fit right in with everyone and was never obtrusive or in the way. I can’t speak highly enough of our experience with Red Door Studios. I can’t wait to see the finished products and am already scheming events that we can invite him back to.

Amie & Matt – June 2021,  Photo and Video package

What was your experience with Phil & Murray in the lead up to the wedding day?

From our first meeting with Phil and Murray, they gave us confidence that they knew exactly what they were doing and would take care of what we wanted on the day. They were very helpful and made the organizing of the details so easy. They helped us think of things that we didn’t know to expect.

Do you feel everything was under control on the day?

Yes, Phil and Murray were great at making sure all bases were covered. Any hitches were taken care of unbeknownst to us. They always knew what was going on and what needed to happen next – We didn’t have to think of a single thing on the day.

Do Phil & Murray fit in with your wedding party and guests?

Absolutely! Phil and Murray slipped in seamlessly with the guests on the day and added to the excitement and fun. They worked well with us as the bridal party and made the photo and video experience smooth and enjoyable.

How was the overall experience on the day with Phil and Murray?

We had a great time with Phil and Murray! They were prompt, helpful and down to earth. They made the experience easy and fun.

Is there anything Phil & Murray could do to improve?



Jake & Jas – June 2021, Package D Full day Video coverage

What was your experience with Phil in the lead up to the wedding day?

Every dealing / contact we had with Phil from initial engagement to discuss and book the wedding, to our in person meetings before the wedding was everything we could ask for. Phil is extremely professional and has a sense of ease about him that makes you comfortable and subsides stress levels.

Do you feel everything was under control on the day?

Everything was incredibly under control on the day, having Phil as our videographer. From the moment he turned up to the rooms we were getting ready in, to the end of the night, he was incredibly easy to work with, directed the parties and guests extremely well, the creative ideas and direction he gave during the day was fantastic. We had members of the wedding party and guests praise us on how great Phil was with knowing exactly what to do with us and how he managed to make it such a fun experience and eliminate any sense of stress or rushing.

Does Phil fit in with your wedding party and guests?

Phil absolutely fit in, every connection he had with guests, ourselves and our party was so organic. There were so many laughs with him and a down to earth presence about him.

How was the overall experience on the day with Phil?

If it were to be numbered 1-10 we would have to say 11 out of 10. Phil was great, everything was so fluid, comfortable, fun and he also was able to shape and direct very intimate and special moments for ourselves and guests on the day which really mattered as well. We truly enjoyed having him be a part of our day and know he’s going to create something amazing for us to look back on over the many years to come.

Is there anything Phil could do to improve?

There were no flaws noticeable for Phil! He was such a pro from beginning to end, incredibly personable and a fun addition to our big day. We’d highly recommend Phil for any special event that requires his expertise!


Angelina & Jordan – June 2021, Package C 8 Hours video coverage

What was your experience with Phil in the lead up to the wedding day?

Phil was very helpful leading up to our day. Having a face to face meeting leading up to was something we really enjoyed. We both appreciated having met Phil before the big day and being able to get to know each other somewhat. During this meeting he made us feel very relaxed about it all and comfortable.

Do you feel everything was under control on the day?

Yes everything definitely felt under control on the day. We had not a single concern about how Phil would go, we trusted him 100% to do what he does best.

Does Phil fit in with your wedding party and guests?

There were many times throughout the day/night where Phil blended into the guests and we didn’t even notice him. And also because he was a great people person and having a laugh/chat with guests too.

How was the overall experience on the day with Phil?

The whole day was amazing with Phil. We were so impressed with how he took control in every shot to ensure he’s getting the best content. But he was also more than happy to let us have our own requests and freedom. Phil is also a very easy person to chat with and a bit of a jokester. It made everything very relaxed and easy.

Is there anything Phil could do to improve?

Nothing at all.

Bella & Luke – June 2021,  Package D Full day Video coverage

What was your experience with Phil in the lead up to the wedding day?

Phil was very informative, not only his part but on other areas that we really had no idea of. We felt very comfortable after meeting Phil that we had picked the right guy to do the job.

Do you feel everything was under control on the day?

The experience with Phil was seamless. For the most part we didn’t even know he was doing his thing. When he wanted us to do anything, he gave us very clear and concise instructions.

Does Phil fit in with your wedding party and guests?

Absolutely, Phil made everyone around him comfortable and was very personable with everyone.

How was the overall experience on the day with Phil?

It was great. He was a calming influence for both of us on the day, he knew when to lighten the mood, or pull everyone into line. We are very confident through our experience with him, that he will make produce a great film for us.

Is there anything Phil could do to improve?

In our opinion, no. Phil was one of the shining lights on our day and we loved having him be one of our team.

Maja & Boris – June 2021,  Package E Feature film

What was your experience with Phil in the lead up to the wedding day?

Phil made the process very easy and seamless, with minimal correspondence and meetings, which is much appreciated with all of the other stuff happening in the lead up to the wedding.

Does Phil fit in with your wedding party and guest?

Yes, Phil is just a very easy going, good guy. He fit right in with the photographers, guests and us as the bride and groom. He even made us laugh a few times with his fantastic sense of humour and jokes 🙂

How was the overall experience on the day with Phil:

Excellent. One word to describe it would be EASY 🙂

Is there anything Phil could improve?

No, we found the process very easy.

Christine & Francois – May 2021

Phil was fantastic. From when we first engaged him to the end, he was approachable and attentive to our vision. After our pre-wedding consultation, it was evident from our final video that Phil took our comments on board and produced a spectacular video which we could not fault. Not to mention he made the wedding day fun, for what was otherwise a wet rainy day. Thank you Phil. We highly recommend.

Alice & Iwan – April 2021

We have very lucky to have Phil and Murray to take our special moments, while our parents couldn’t come from overseas due to covid, but they took it as very special to us. They are very easy going and really fun to work with. All their work is sensational. It’s really beyond our expectation. We have shared our videos and photos with our family and friends overseas and they are all in tears.. So good!! Thank you very much Red Door Studios, Phil and Murray!!

Shannon & Kerian – April 2021

We would highly recommend hiring Phil from Red Door Studios to film your event, after having him do our wedding at Novotel, Sunshine Coast, in September. He was professional, helpful, friendly and fun to ‘work’ with – answering our questions and taking the time to get to know us through a questionnaire and a meeting in his cool Bulimba studio. He suggested many tips and ideas when it came to our day, such as writing letters to each other and capturing us reading them as we were getting ready, making our day more personal. Phil’s full-day filming with various cameras and own editing was impeccable and reflected our day beautifully. We loved every clip he created for us, from the teaser of the teaser, to the teaser trailer itself, the highlight film (-all shared on social media) and the 2hr 15min full day feature film. We have downloaded our films through the digital platform and enjoyed watched them so many times already. We will treasure these videos long into the future and can’t thank you enough Phil. Would definitely recommend! 🎥👏💕

Abigail Tompson – March 2021

After a COVID lockdown was announced 2 days before my sisters wedding, Phil went above and beyond to attend the crash wedding we had to throw together within a few hours to make sure the wedding happened before restrictions were put in place. With only a few hours notice Phil managed to exceed expectations and get as much footage of the very rushed ceremony as possible. I could not recommend Phil any more highly, he was absolutely amazing with such a unexpected change of date. Thank you Phil!

Tim & Tash – March 2021

“”Phil… you are absolutely incredible. I can never thank you enough for capturing what has been one of the most important days of our life. I’m balling my eyes out and lost for words. I’ve watched a lot of videos from so many different people, but yours truly capture everything perfectly. Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou! 🙏🏻“”

Kaelon & Jack – February 2021

I couldn’t have faulted a single thing of our day with Phil, from the lead up, his easy personality and feel on the day and our knowledge of lead times afterwards. So thankful for Phil and the videos that we will keep for years of our special day!

Sarah & Jayden February 2021

So after a 5 minute engagement after our many years together. We decided an intimate affair was in order (covid may have contributed). So we got together an elite group of people to help make our wedding day magnificent. We weren’t disappointed! Phil who I didn’t meet until seconds before the ceremony was so professional – we snagged him via our photographer Murray. He slipped into the day seamlessly. We got on so well it’s like we’ve known each other for years so we were all pretty comfortable around each other. He captured everything and anything that was part of our day. Even went grape tasting (very sour). He went what my husband and I thought was above and beyond but as you look at his work that’s his standard. He’s done such an amazing job! We would like to thank you once again for helping make our day amazing. you were an pleasure to be around and your work is amazing thank you!!

Inez & Caitlyn – January 2021

Phil was the ultimate professional from the moment we first made contact with him. Because the wedding was in October 2020 and COVID had interrupted our wedding planning, we booked Phil relatively late and he was more than accommodating. He took the time to meet with us at his studio before the wedding and was friendly, patient and understanding throughout our discussions. Communication was excellent throughout the process. It was a genuine pleasure to have Phil with us on the big day – he put us at complete ease and somehow managed to be discreet while still capturing all of our precious moments on film. Films were delivered in a timely fashion. For a couple who were originally questioning whether to even have a videographer, we are so glad we decided to go ahead and that we found Phil – highly recommended in all regards!

Lita & Chad September 2020

We booked Red Door Studios for our wedding videography in September 2020. Phil was such a pleasure to work with leading up to the day and was so easy to talk with. He was so prompt with communication and he never made me feel bad for asking questions – also we had so many changes due to COVID restrictions and he just went with the flow every time I sent through another change. He just made everything so easy!

On the day, Phil was amazing to work with as was his secondary videographer Bruno. They both had such a chilled out vibe which made it so much easier to be recorded (this was something my husband and I were a little nervous about). After the first few minutes we ended up just doing our thing and mostly forgot about the cameras. Phil put up our wedding teaser and we are already so impressed with his work. We cannot wait to see the final result which we know will be amazing.

I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Red Door Studios to anyone looking for videography for their event.

Leland N Lisi Tavete September 2020

Phil was absolutely amazing! He was professional & efficient. His quality of work was top notch 👌 Will definitely be using him for future events. Thanks Phil

Cameron & Allanah August 2020

Phil (Red Door Studios) is an absolute pleasure to work with. He made our wedding day so much fun and gets some spectacular shots. The edits on the highlight film, ceremony and reception are all personalised and exceptional. All of his work is published to youtube if you would like to take a look. We would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a videographer!

Alix & Chris – March 2020


You were so incredibly warm and fun and easy to work with, we loved every minute of our time together and I just can’t thank you enough. e honestly had SUCH a blast with you and Kristy! We’re recommending you to everyone we know, and we hope that when the dust settles from this crazy time you still are able to run your amazing business and make other couples’ days perfect too.

We LOVE our teaser trailer, it’s a tear jerker every time. You are making magic and we are so thankful! Thank you Phil!!

Nina & Matt – March 2020

We were desperate to have videography for our wedding but were struggling to fit it in the budget. Thank goodness we found Phil at Red Door! Before the big day he checked in to make sure that we were happy with the plan. On the day itself he was so relaxed and unobtrusive that we hardly noticed he was there, but he managed to capture some amazing moments that you wouldn’t see from photos alone. We are so glad that we have memories of our ceremony and reception to keep forever. Plus our beautiful highlight video which we’re thrilled with and makes everyone cry. Thanks Phil!

Lianne & Cameron

Phil is just amazing! Right from the very first contact he was so easy to deal with, professional, friendly and clear with communication. He asked us loads of questions before our wedding day to get to know us and find out what we were expecting, what we like and don’t like etc. and we really couldn’t be happier with the final footage!

You can tell he loves what he does and makes so much effort to deliver a perfectly personal and genuine story.
Phil really made us feel comfortable and had a laugh with us whilst still giving direction to capture everything and the end result was fantastic. He’s a really great guy with a good sense of humor so was fun to have at the wedding even though we hardly noticed him filming at all. The drone got some incredible shots of the venue and surrounds too.
Definitely recommend hiring Phil to anyone considering having a videographer at their wedding, it’s probably the best money we spent!

Thank you Phil!!

Leah & Kieran


Phil was so down to earth, organised, calm and professional which is exactly what every bride needs in the lead up to the big day. During the day I barely saw him yet he managed to capture every little detail of our special day.

Afterwards he responded to any questions/queries within an hour (right!!!!!) and the videos were exactly the vibe we wanted. We now have memories to last a lifetime and I could not recommend him enough!

Thank you so much Phil!!!!

Kim & Brendon

Phil is absolutely the best person to film your wedding I could not recommend him enough. He just slots right in with all your guest who will love him aswell. Our teaser video is amazing and I can not wait to see the rest. Thank you Phil for being easy, funny, helpful and understanding also talented. Thank you for capturing our special day.
Kim and Brendon

Dana & Guy

There aren’t enough words to describe just how phenomenal and impressive Phil’s videography work is. For all that have viewed the footage from our wedding, tears have been shed reliving the happiness and emotion on the day that he so successfully captured. In addition to Phil’s videography work, the lead up to the day, as well as his company, support and presence at the wedding are added happy memories for us. When you look back on such an event, you want only happy thoughts, and Phil did everything right every step of the way to trigger a smile when we think of our wedding. Dealing with Phil was like dealing with a supportive, caring friend who knew exactly what to do. Our sincerest thanks to him for everything.

Belinda & Allan

Thankyou thankyou thankyou!!! We have just received our teaser and I’ve already watched it about 10 times. Phil captured everything perfectly and we can’t wait to see the rest. You have been amazing to work with from the moment we booked, keeping in touch through the whole year up to the wedding day. Absolutely LOVE your work and would highly recommend to everyone!

Nikki & Alex

We can’t thank Phil enough for all his time and effort on our wedding day. So many of our guests commented that they didn’t even realize he was there but we received the most beautiful footage capturing everything on the day. We would highly recommend him to anyone for their special event! Thank you Phil!

Teegan & Matt

Phil was our videographer for our wedding on 8 June 2019… and he was absolutely amazing! From initial meeting to our wedding he was so easy to work with, friendly and accommodating. He made sure we were comfortable and had fun every step of the way! Our videos are amazing, we have had so many compliments and we keep watching them over and over!! I know we will definitely have Phil capture other special moments for us in the future! Thanks again Phil – we love your work!!

Will & Sandy

Phil is simply amazing, he is so laid back, willing to try our ideas and just overall a fun person to be around! Naturally he would make any bride & groom feel at ease with him! One of the things that I will always remember is what he said on our first meeting “the vendors are here for you both, I am here for you both, we work around you and it’s all about you two!” and that’s exactly how Will and I felt on our wedding day!

Thank you Phil for being so easy to work with and showing us glimpses of those money shots where you looked so proud and more excited than us!

Lots of Love from Sandy & Will xox

Lachland & Amanda

Phil and his videos were honestly one of the best parts of our wedding day. I was initially sceptical about a videographer but my now wife wanted one and so we then discovered Phil. We were pretty confident that based on his past videos he’d be great but we were blown away by him and his videos. In the lead up, we caught up a few times so he could see the venues and what we he was working with and so he was really prepared. On the day, Phil was really calm and friendly and just went about getting his shots, natural and easy. Everyone who had contact with him on the day said he was lovely and that they barely noticed him (in a good way). We received all our videos soon after and loved everything about them. I’d definitely recommend Phil to anyone looking for a videographer and so would my wife.

Katie & Scott

What can I say about Phil other than perfection! We just received our highlights film and it is absolutely incredible! Phil managed to capture our day perfectly and he was able to edit it in a way that really represents us as a couple. I was in tears all over again after watching it but then it had me laughing so hard I snorted 😂 Not only was the final product amazing but just having Phil a part of our day was so much fun. He’s an absolute legend and we’re so grateful to have had him capture our day so perfectly. Thanks so much Phil! We will get to relive our favourite day forever and it’s all because of you.

Carl & Anni

Phil went above and beyond on the day of our wedding last week. He was there from start to finish and was super easy to work with. Would absolutely recommend him to anyone wanting/needing a videographer for the special day. The teaser trailer is great – now just waiting for the other videos to come through!

Jeannine & Tyson

I chose Red Door Studios for Phil’s style and quality of filming. After watching basically all of his work published on YouTube I was set on having Phil film our special day, his professionalism radiates through his work. When we met with Phil, he communicated with us taking our desires for our big day into consideration and after meeting with him we were instantly put at ease with his laid back nature and we knew we could trust him for our big day. On the day, Phil arrived on time with everything ready to go and he was amazing, nobody knew he was there – his filming techniques were so subtle and were not intrusive in any way. Phil is easy to “work” with – he made us laugh and captured every moment of our big day. When we received our preview film it was so beautiful and just kept us at ease waiting to see the full thing! Once we received our full film we were blown away with Phil’s attention to detail – he captured the finer details of the day from wedding prep to the beauty of the ceremony. The attention to detail in the composition and presentation of the film was phenomenal and we would highly recommend Phil to anyone and everyone.

Beck & Tristin

Where do I even begin. We cant thank Phil enough for the amazing work he did to capture our wedding. Phil was amazing to work with in the lead up to our day but it didn’t stop there. The day of our wedding he helped us feel at ease and didn’t make up feel like we had a camera shoved in our faces. How he has managed to capture our day is everything we could have wished for and more. We thank you so very much Phil, from the bottom of our hearts for allowing us to relive our day over and over and to be able to forever have our memories and wedding story on film. Tristan and Beck Jones

Mara & Tyson

We have just received our full feature film from our wedding day and OH MY GOD I am beyond blown away. I wish I could have Phil just follow me and film my every day life. Phil, you have made our dreams come true with capturing our special day. I don’t know how you do it, but you captured such special moments- moments where we didn’t even know the camera was filming! For anyone looking for a wedding videographer, you cannot do better than Phil from Red Door Studios. He is highly professional and very approachable, warm and friendly. Definitely a calming person that you will want around you as a bride on your wedding day! He knows how to turn your vision into something better than even you could have imagined. Watch out Leonardo Da Vinci, this guy is the real artist!  Tyson and Tamarah McTainsh

Claire – (Vendor – Photographer)

Phil is great to work with! As a photographer it is paramount that we are both able to work together to create the best images and video for the couple and it was a real pleasure working with Phil today at Jade and Corey’s wedding! Cheers Phil lovely to meet you. 5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Mikaylah & Nick

100% recommend Phil, he was an absolute dream to work with right from the very first phonecall. He captured our day perfectly, I can’t wait to rewatch our video forevermore. He absolutely nailed it!

Paul Collier (Vendor DJ)

I have seen you video a number of weddings now and you somehow manage to capture the individual uniqueness of every couple. You are very talented Phil. Well done

Tory and Tommy

I guess like many people, a videographer was something that we weren’t completely 100% on having, but as soon as we saw the finished product we were so happy we decided on Phil. He is super relaxed, funny and just an awesome guy to have there on your wedding day. He listened to what we wanted and was able to portray that perfectly in our film. We are so excited that we get to relive our wedding day whenever we want. Amazing. Thank you again, Phil xx

Chelsea & Cobey

If you are looking for a videographer Phil is your man!! Phil is calm and relaxed with a great sense of humour.  His videos are beyond amazing! We can’t thank you enough!!  10/10!!!

Darren & Kaylah

Darren and I are forever thankful for the beautiful footage you captured on our wedding day. Phil’s work was outstanding, he was recommended by a friend and we are so thankful that we chose him for the big day. He made the filming feel natural and like a breeze and really captured moments that will forever be special for us. You’re amazing at what you do and it shows in the work you do. It made us cry big fat happy tears watching our wedding day over and over again and it’s all because of you!!

Ange & Russell

We only decided last minute to get a videographer and I am so glad we did. Phil was so lovely and helpful over the phone and in person. We didn’t even notice Phil with his cameras on the day. We have only received the teaser trailer so far and I cant stop watching it. Seeing the teaser and the emotions in the film I cant wait to see more. Thanks for making and filming our day Phil so special. You were amazing and highly recommended. Yours truly Mr and Mrs Russell and Liv and the bridal party like no other

Rach & Mitch

Red Door Studios is AWESOME. We had the best day with him filming us – sharing a lot of laughter and craziness. Phil you were so easy to deal with and made us feel so comfortable on our special day. The video teaser is incredible and we know the full video is going to be even better – so excited to see it. Thank you for everything.

Brett & Rhiannon

What can i say? Phil is an absolutely fantastic guy and an even better videographer. The video’s are way better than we ever could have asked for and Rhi and I actually loved hanging out with him on the day to get all the footage. I couldn’t possibly recommend him enough. Get Phil in on your wedding and you won’t regret it!

Casey & Daniel

I don’t think there are even words to accurately convey how amazing Phil and his videography are. From the moment I booked Phil (over 18months our from our wedding) he was the ultimate friendly professional to deal with. On the day we barely noticed Phil as he quietly went about his business. We have only received our teaser trailer so far, and even if this was all we received it would be worth ever cent and then some. I can’t stop watching as Phil has created magical memories of our fairytale day. Can’t wait to see the next instalment. Thanks so much Phil! Highly recommend ��

Andrew & Michelley

Just wanted to say how much we loved phil’s video he did for our wedding. Phil is the ultimate professional and his work is amazing. He was so eazy to work leading into the wedding and on the day. If you are looking for a quality videographer u cant go past phil at Red Door Studio Wedding Films. Guaranteed you will not be dissapointed. Thanks phil you are amazing….

Zoe & Aaron

We cannot recommend Phil highly enough. He was with us all day capturing all the important moments and made us feel totally at ease. Nothing was too much trouble and we absolutely love the videos he has created for us. Thank you Phil!

Shon Cartier

Wow oh wow … Phil captured all the special looks, the special smiles, the special love on our wedding day. I totally recommend this gorgeous professional man to any bride or groom considering a photographer for their wedding day. Thank you Phil for being perfect in every way xxx

Rosie & Cam

Phil did our wedding video recently and although we’ve only seen the highlight video so far, we absolutely love it. He really captured the essence of our day and given us something amazing to look back on

Claire & Nick

Phil has so far done the photography for our engagement party on a fairly last minute deal and for our wedding day. Phil & Nicole were fantastic – patient, accommodating, covered everything, and made everyone feel comfortable. We’ve so far gotten to see our wedding video & 3 of our photos as a sneak peek, and all of those have been perfect. We’re both so glad we found Red Door Studios, and I’m sure we’ll be using them again in the future. Thanks guys!

Jodie & Trent

Just want to say we highly recommend Phil and Red Door Studios! He done an amazing job with our photos we are ecstatic with them. He was amazing to work with easy to talk to an approach. We got soo many amazing shots and he had them back to us very quickly and the video he shot was outstanding we just loved it.. Highly recommend him for anyones wedding or special occasion you wont be dissapointed. Thank you so much Phil for capturing the special moments of our special day, thanks to you we will have amazing photos for the rest of time.

Chelby & Corey

Thank you so much Phil! You are fantastic, such a huge help and all over great guy. Will defianlty recommend you to everyone, cant wait to see more

Brad & Julia

Super fun times being filmed and photographed by Phil and Keira in the wilds of Mt Mee today! Thank you so much for putting together such a warm and romantic video for us to announce our engagement. You two are very experienced, intuitive and talented.

Rhiannon Leigh Tascas

Phil was such a pleasure to have filming our wedding! We had so many laughs with him and he just made us all feel so at ease!!

Tess & Frog

We had such a pleasant time with Phil filming our wedding day, he was approachable, easy going and willing to go with the flow which is exactly what we wanted. When I first met with him we had the same ideas of what a wedding video should look like so I had no doubt we’d love his work. Within three days of the wedding we had our highlight reel and it made the whole day come to life & we got to relive it all with it still fresh in our minds, simply a wonderful thing to have. We can’t wait to see the extended version! Phil wasn’t in our faces or pushing us to do certain things, he simply followed us around for the day and was able to capture all the little moments you would usually miss, we would definitely recommend him for any videography needs! Thanks heaps Phil, we loved having you with us on our big day 

Emma & Daniel

Phil did an amazing job on our wedding videos. His service is absolutely fantastic and he had our sneak peak to us the next day after our wedding. Couldn’t recommend Red Door Studios enough.