Spicers Cloverly Estate – Montville

Kristin & Patrick

Filmed 30th September 2018

Location Spicers Cloverly Estate – Montville

Filmed and Edited by Phil Cooper

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ON this day Spicers Cloverly Estate Montville was wet, very wet.


Some brides may have through this would have been a disaster but Kristin had faith in all of us weather experts checking BOM every 5 minutes, that it would stop for the ceremony. 20 minutes before it was supposed to start the rain cleared and there was a flurry of staff who managed to slot in the ceremony on the lawn.

With all the rain around and being in Montville the mist came in creating a real air of mystery, which really added to the films I created for them.

Their  love Story

Their relationship has been a fantastic blend of traditional and modern dating, with some near disasters at the beginning.

They met online and were matched because of our love of books and wine

Spicers Cloverly Estate – Montville

Their first date was almost a fail. Kristin was new to Brisbane and looked up a café close to where she lived. It got good reviews, so she thought, why not? She turned up 15 mins early just to be sure. Reality did not live up to my expectation. The place was pretty empty, a bit dingy and not at all romantic.

First Date

She started to panic.  Had no idea how to salvage this. There were no other cafes within walking distance and she didn’t know the area at all. Kristin arrived looking stunning and slightly bemused at my choice of place for our first date. He then rescued me by suggesting a restaurant close by that we could escape to and we went to have a drink. He knew from then that this girl was really special.

On the second date, it was Patrick’s turn to rescue her. They had a lovely afternoon at Southbank and had finished listening to a band. Patrick walked her back to her car when she realised she’d lost her keys. Patrick suggested they retrace the steps back to the spot where we’d been sitting and luckily we found them lying there. I think Patrick might have earned a few brownie points that day.

Since then they have bonded over their love of exploring Brisbane’s food scene, cooking, wine tasting, hiking, beaches, Japanese culture, Marvel Cinematic Universe, coffee, more wine tasting, shopping, Christmas in July, more coffee, British Comedy, 90s sitcoms and looking after our two beautiful (and very messy) cats

Spicers Cloverly Estate Montville the setting for a foggy moody wedding

i absolutely adore Spicers Cloverly Estate – Montville, it can be sunny, raining or fog, but love will still shine through.