Maleny Manor

Veronica & Ben

Filmed 27th March 2021

Locations Maleny Manor

Filmed and Edited by Phil Cooper

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What Veronica & Ben had to say about their film

Phil was one of the first vendors we booked for our wedding and we’re so glad we did. Not only did we love the final product (he captured all the special moments of our wedding day). But he was also a great person to have around and worked easily with our photographer. Not only that he thought to have gum boots in the car for me because it had been raining a lot in the lead up to our wedding! So if you’re after someone talented, reliable and easy going – book Red Door Studios.

Aerial top down view of Maleny Manor

Aerial top down view of Maleny Manor

Glasshouse mountains backdrop

Glasshouse mountains backdrop

Into the sunset at One tree Hill

Into the sunset at One tree Hill

Table set up ready for the reception

Table set up ready for the reception

Fireworks at the Manor

Sarah & Jaiden

Filmed 4th January 2021

Filmed and Edited by Phil Cooper

A Maleny Manor Wedding

Fireworks at the Manor, This Maleny wedding comes to life


I had never met Sarah and Jayden before has this wedding. It was a joint effort by my friend and colleague Murray Redpath fantastic Brisbane based wedding photographer

Myself and Murray have worked together on many occasions. We always want to make the best out of the day. Not just for ourselves but also the couples?

Epic Sunset at One Tree Hill

One tree hills epic Sunset

It’s always about leaving that lasting impression on them, so they go away feeling delighted they had one of the best days of their lives. by

I have been to Maleny Manor on many occasions. I didn’t start until the ceremony. So it gave me more time to set up for when Sarah walked down the aisle


After the ceremony, we had a chance to mingle and chat with Sarah, and Jayden. I quickly realised that Sarah was an absolute hoot. Two of the nicest people you can ever meet. Out to have a great time, I enjoyed everything about them

we discovered that grapes fresh from the Vine are very sore, lol

Maleny Manor – One Tree Hill

We headed off to One Tree Hill for the photo shoot. Typically one tree hill is the busiest place in Maleny and Montville but today was a Monday, so we had a lovely time with no interruptions from other weddings.

When we were parking at One Tree Hill, Murray notices some golf balls he was ashamed of because of the car’s morning golf clubs. We thought it would be an excellent idea for them to hit some golf balls. So we casually asked Jayden if he had any golf clubs. lo and behold he did, they did

For the first time, we played golf at One Tree Hill  EPIC

fireworks at the Manor

A family wedding photo

Sarah Jaiden & Family

I felt very blessed to have been there with them to share their day with them. Its great to be at a wedding and see the happiness in people. This is with I love my job!. To see then and there children was a real honour.


They saved the best till last. Some of the best fireworks I’ve seen at a wedding, What a way to finish an epic day.

Photos by Murray at

Some Kind works from Sarah & Jaiden

So after a 5 minute engagement after our many years together. We decided an intimate affair was in order (covid may have contributed). So we got together an elite group of people to help make our wedding day magnificent. We weren’t disappointed! Phil who I didn’t meet until seconds before the ceremony was so professional – we snagged him via our photographer Murray. He slipped into the day seamlessly. We got on so well it’s like we’ve known each other for years so we were all pretty comfortable around each other. He captured everything and anything that was part of our day. Even went grape tasting (very sour). He went what my husband and I thought was above and beyond but as you look at his work that’s his standard. He’s done such an amazing job! We would like to thank you once again for helping make our day amazing. you were an pleasure to be around and your work is amazing thank you!!

I carry your Heart

Schae & Patrick

Filmed 20th May 2018

Filmed and Edited by Phil Cooper

 I carry your heart

Patrick and Schae have been together for 5 ½ years. They met working for an equipment finance company called Silver Chef back in 2012. On Schaes’ first day. Patrick walked Schae to her car. From that day, they have been inseparable. Just before the wedding, they had a beautiful baby girl Eve.

A black and white film

Schae brief was only for the film to be slow and romantic. When I found out there were using one of my favourite poems in their vows, and knew this would be a perfect opportunity to use this in a film. The poem by EE Cummings (I carry your heart) is something I have been eager to use for some time, and it’s one of my favourite poems. I didn’t just want to create another wedding film. I wanted to shoot something unique and different.

A couch on the lawn outside Maleny Manor

I carry your heart

If I used this poem, it would not look like any standard wedding video. I love my client’s they give me free rein to be creative and record the day in any way I see fit. When I told Schae my plans, she was excited to see what I had in mind. I did not give her much info, but I’m grateful she trusted me.

Even better, shooting this film at Maleny Manor was just a bonus. I have never been to a Maleny Manor for a wedding before, so it’s always exciting to shoot a new venue. It is a stunning place, with views overlooking the sunshine coast. The whole grounds are an endless playground to be creative. It’s not just the location. The staff go out if they’re a way to make us vendors feel comfortable and help us in any way possible.

Wedding venue – Maleny Manor

Maleny Manor wedding Schae & Patrick – sunshine coast wedding Schae and Patrick wedding – I carry our heart married at Maleny Manor, Maleny, an unforgettable wedding and a film with a difference.


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With Blessings

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