Obi Obi Hall wedding

Obi Obi Hall – Mapleton Falls -Rhiannon & Brett

Obi Obi Hall Rhiannon and Brett

Ceremony & Reception Obi Obi Hall

Photoshoot Mapleton Falls

Obi Obi Valley, the wedding was set to be held in the paddock, but heavy rain leading up the day sent this idea out the window. The ceremony ended up in the hall was not a disaster; it is a beautiful place after all.

Rhi & Brett both got ready in Buderim, a very relaxed affair, both easy going. They had planned everything very well, so very stress-free.

I’ve never been to Obi Obi hall before, so this was a real treat. It has made it more fun having to take a windy dirt track off the mountain into Obi Obi Valley. The rain did come, but only a brief shower. It did ruin one of the locations we chose for the photoshoot with so much rain, so we just decided to go to Mapleton falls, a beautiful location.

We had lots of fun there with the bridal party doing some crazy stop animation for adults. I did convince Rhi and Brett to get some shots with the waterfall in the…EPIC

What a view from the outcropping at Mapleton falls, the sun was setting, waterfall below, genuinely spectacular, Am fantastic spot to get the drone out and send it down into the valley below

Obi Onbi Hall perfect for drones?

As we returned to the hall, I was to do one last drone shot; the road next to the hall is Long and straight, a perfect place to get some fantastic drone shots of them walking back to the hall

It was also a perfect night to do some astrophotography, again EPIC.

I've been shooting weddings for the past 7 years both photography and cinematographer. I am away striving to improve and learn.

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