• How do you work? 
    My style is naturally unobtrusive so I really try to not get in your way. When Filming. I limit moving around during the ceremony or speeches, and keep movement to an absolute minimum with photography.  Working with others we let the photographer be in charge and strive to work with them to ensure you get the ultimate stress free coverage on the day


  • Who will be there on the day?
    Just me! I don’t outsource any weddings, you book me you get me!. I can comfortably cover everything I need to do myself on the day


  • Do you cover more than one wedding per day? 
    No we only have a small team we only take on 1 wedding per day


  • How do I feel about same Sex marriage?
    I and relieved that the same-sex marriage debate in Australia is over. LOVE is LOVE regardless of gender. I believe we are all born equal and deserve the right to be treated so.


  • Can we meet to see if you are the right fit for us?Absolutely, it’s always great to catch up for coffee and a chat (or a Skype date) before locking things in. It’s important that you like my style of work, but most importantly we gel and get along. It’s also a great for me to get to know you a little bit, understand you so that can reflect in your films


  • What services do you offer? 
    We specialise in wedding and live event videography but also provide corporate and promotional videography services as well.


  • How far in advance should I contact you? 
    We take bookings at any point, whether its 2 years or 2 days away from your big day.


  • Are you able to travel? 
    Yes we travel within 2 hours of Brisbane  for no extra charge, if you are getting married further afield then get in touch to get a quote.


  • What kind of technology do you use? 
    We shoot our weddings in 4k and deliver films in 1080p HD on small Panasonic mirrorless cameras. We use tripods, mono pods. We also have lighting equipment for those dark dance floors and a variety of sound recording equipment for crystal clear audio.


  • How are the ceremony and speeches audio recorded?
    For the ceremony we use both camera mounted microphones and a small lapel mic attached to the groom to pic up all the vows crystal clear. For the speeches we again use the camera mounted mic but can also plug into the PA system if there is an Aux Line Out available, or if this is not available we will use a separate sound recorder placed near the speakers.


  • Can I pick my music?
    I will consult with you on the music choice and what you like/don’t like. Music plays a huge roll in my films, I don”t use commercial music unless it can be licensed. I use music from website like Muiscbed or Songfreedom. Music is carefully selected to match the mood and tempo of your day.