Danielle & Michael – The Landing at Dockside

Bride prep – Hawthorne

Groom Prep – Woolloongabba

Wedding Ceremony & Reception – The Landing at Dockside

Photo shoot, Kangaroo Point Cliffs

I met Danielle & Michael a few months ago. I always met couple before a wedding, from these meetings I form ideas of how I want to shoot the wedding. I always though I wanted to shoot a moody film only because of the locations. But that easier said than done in Queensland when everything is so bright and sunny.

So, when I woke up that morning and saw the rain I know how I would shoot their wedding. and Oh boy did it rain. I managed but to get to the Landing at Dockside before this deluge came in, so I got great b-roll for the film.

As usual, the groom prep is straightforward, we some great shots working with Jesse the photographer who I got on well with and that always helps.
Groom prep was at the Gabba so all the locations were close to each other. One Groom prep was over, we headed to the Danielle in Hawthorne, which is the closest I have been to my house for a wedding, (just a stone’s throw).

Once we arrived at the girl’s house I realise, this would be just as easy as the boys. I always enjoy prep when every runs and time and there is no stress. I was amazed at how well Danielle was taking the weather, but what can you do, and I think Danielle knew this so just went with the flow.

When a groom cries, I know it will be an emotional wedding, so for the ceremony was amazing lots of love and warmth. The rain was easing so the photo shoot was not too bad at all and with so low cloud cover the light was soft, we could not use the drone. After this we were back to the Dockside for some great speeches and lots of dancing.
Despite the rain it was a perfect day and highlight film was what I had in mind

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