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Brisbane Wedding videography service


As a Brisbane based wedding videography studio, our service is here to provide you coverage of the most amazing day of your life

Brisbane Wedding Video Service

There are many aspects you have to consider when choosing your Brisbane wedding videographer. Since your wedding is a “live event” and you don’t have a second opportunity to film it, you should select a professional wedding videographer who will definitely capture the most important elements of your wedding. You not only want the elements that will tell the story of your wedding but also those that reflect the feelings and the atmosphere of that special once-in-a-lifetime event.

Brisbane wedding videography

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You could be in the early stages of planning your wedding, trying to find the right inspiration, watching a few wedding movies, and deciding if wedding cinematography is for you. Or maybe you have everything set and are just trying to choose the absolute, best wedding videographer for you. Or perhaps you’re trying to decide if you even need a wedding video? Either way, you’re in the right place. Read on!

What is wedding cinematography?

Brisbane wedding videographer

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First, before I dive into the importance of wedding cinematography, let’s define wedding cinematography, also called wedding videography. These terms describe the same product with very minor variations. While an artistic approach and creativity were always the driving force behind good wedding films, the adoption of new cameras and equipment such as full frame cameras, drones, stabilizers and 4K ultra HD cameras, wedding movies now look like real cinematic masterpieces–like you see in a theater. And so the term “Wedding Cinematography” is here today

Wedding cinematography is the art of filming a wedding in a creative, yet documentary, way and then putting it together into a movie. You could call it telling the story or the storytelling of yourwedding. What we do, in fact, is tell your story through our lenses

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So what makes wedding cinematography so important and valuable? 

Wedding cinematography is the ultimate way to remember and to show to friends and family the whole picture and the felt sense of your wedding day. Photographs are indeed beautiful and show a lot about how everything and everyone looked on your day. But only wedding cinematography puts the viewer at the wedding and therefore able to see and feel the setting, the emotions, the small facial expressions, the little hick-ups, the nerves, the joy. Movements, large and small, allow the viewer into the intimacy of your wedding. 


Brisbane wedding videographer

Wedding videography Service

We don’t doubt that wedding photography is essential. What we add, as cinematographers, is the sense of being there. And if the viewer is only one small step away from being at your wedding, they are in a situation like being at the movies. Have you ever been pulled in by a movie and found yourself tearing up or feeling joy? Cinematography brings in the movements, large and small, the sound of you two speaking your vows, music – whether the music at your wedding or your choice of music to overlay – all bring to the viewer, a front-row seat at your nuptials.

Nothing brings the viewer closer to the feelings of your wedding than wedding cinematography. Nothing. Your wedding video will always be the closest thing to being there, living that moment again.


The day will be over before you know it


Another very practical reason for having your own wedding cinematography is that the day goes by quickly and you can’t be everywhere. With multiple camera people, we can film what happens that you didn’t see yourself. You’ll be surprised what happened when you weren’t looking. While you’re in the bridal suite, everyone is somewhere else. What are they doing? Are people being seated? You might be in your bridal suite, waiting for everyone to be seated before the ceremony and you won’t get a chance to see the flower girl walk down the aisle. During your vows, your parents will be behind you and you’ll miss seeing them wiping away sweet tears. You might be taking picture in the photo booth and miss some of your dad’s dance moves.

Our cameras capture these priceless moments allowing you and your viewers to see everything that came together to create your wedding day. It happens only once.

In the end, no other medium has the emotional effect of wedding cinematography. No other medium captures your entire wedding day.

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After filming many weddings all around South East Queensland can tell alot about a venue. Seeing these location through my eyes

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