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I’ve always had a camera in my hand, my father was a keen amateur photographer. I can remember when I was a kid going out on day trips to take photos, then coming home and seeing him develop them in his homemade dark room…

I always loved his images, they always had a story to tell, so I was drawn to weddings, initially to photograph but I soon released the only way to truly tell those stories was through film. Being a hopeless romantic and one of those aloof creative types filming weddings fits me perfectly. I’m a big kid at heart who wants to have fun, crack jokes, fly a drone and enjoy life.

living in Brisbane and travelling around south east Queensland, has opened eyes my to how beautiful this country is. There are some great locations for all types of weddings, all with wonderful creative possibility. I always looking to travel as far and wide as I can, not just Australia but worldwide.

Filming weddings is the perfect medium to tell stories of love, family and friendship. That’s the kind of stories I want to tell. Filming a wedding for me goes beyond just turning up with a camera. I’m always striving to give my couple that bit extra, that something different.

The Early Days

When I left school back in the mid-80s, which seems a long time ago, I wanted to become a chef. so I did my formal training at Southampton Technical College

I spent the next 18 years travelling around England and Europe cooking some amazing food in between all this I was doing food photography as well, so I never really stopped.

Working in all these beautiful venues, I would always get out or the day off do some landscape or cityscape photography.

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Fun Facts

  • When I was 7 my dad gave me 5pound to go to the shops and buy some food. On the way, I saw a tyre. My shorts had no pockets, so I decided to put the 5-pound in the tyre, and roll the tyre all the way to the shops. I lost the 5-pound, but I gained a few hard slaps from my father!
  • I am DOG CRAZY! where would life be without dogs? Great company when I’m editing
  • I live a low carb healthy lifestyle, love walking, gym anything to keep fit
  • I have a wicked sense of humour, something my wife doesn’t appreciate
  • I LOVE travelling! My family are all back home in England but whenever we get a chance, we go back and say hello!
  • I’m an 80s fanboy Knight Rider, Airwolf Automan, Manimal, Star Trek, Star Wars
  • I love living in Australia. It’s the only place to be